Do You Miss Tabitha Brown’s Vegan Food Line at Target? We’ve Got Good News

Do You Miss Tabitha Brown’s Vegan Food Line at Target? We’ve Got Good News

Influencer Tabitha Brown has built a millions-strong following with her quick wit, kind words, deep insights, and easy-to-love vegan recipes. And Brown’s fanbase is always looking to support her at every turn. Case in point? When Brown launched McCormick Sunshine seasoning in 2021, the spice blend sold out so quickly—in less than 39 minutes to be exact—that a veritable black market formed on Ebay.

This was also the case when Brown announced her limited-edition collections with Target last year. With each new drop fans, stormed the aisles to pick up her colorful clothing items, housewares emblazoned with inspiring catchphrases, items for companion animals featuring the family’s pup Blacky Brown, and more.

But it was the vegan food line, the third of the four Target collaborations which dropped in January, that stirred the most excitement. Fans could not get enough of Brown’s vegan foods which spanned seasoned meatless burgers, prepared meals, and flavor-packed popcorn.

Seven months later, Target’s shelves are no longer stocked with these customer favorites—but that might soon change.  Keep reading to know further information about her in this‘s article.

Tabitha Brown’s vegan food line makes a comeback

Over the weekend, Brown attended the Essence Festival in New Orleans, LA. Alongside friend and comedian Kevin Fredricks, Brown took the Food and Wine stage to make an important announcement.

“I am so grateful for y’all. Thank y’all for supporting me and going to Target … and buying all the things,” Brown said in front of an excited crowd. “Y’all sold that food out so fast. But next year, it’s going to be in there all year long.”

“And not only that, it’s everything that was there plus some new things will be coming,” Brown announced.

What can fans expect to hit Target in 2024? The initial line included vegan sausages in Mushroom, Jalapeño & Cilantro, and Mango & Basil flavors; vegan burger patties in Mushroom, Garlic, and Barbecue varieties; and four types of ravioli: Sweet Pea & Basil; Pizza, Sweet Potato & Cauliflower; and Polenta & Wild Mushroom.

Brown’s collection included easy vegan meals such as chickpea chili, butternut squash bisque, and three refrigerated meals: Potato Salad, Garlic Pasta Salad, and Creamy Lemon Dill Pasta Salad.

The collection was rounded out with cilantro aioli, garlic spread, and cream cheese (in garlic, caramelized onion, and strawberry varieties); and a selection of snacks, wellness-focused teas, and pickled items (a favorite of Brown’s).

In its entirety, the collection included 34 items, all priced at $8 or less each.

Does Brown’s recent announcement really mean that the popcorn is coming back? During the Essence Festival, she teased that she wasn’t totally sure but, in the meantime, had an “Oprah moment” by giving away a bag of the beloved Target popcorn to each audience member.

She ended the announcement with her most famous catchphrase. “Until next time, go about your business. Have the most amazing day. But if you can’t have a good one, don’t you go messing up nobody else’s.”

Do You Miss Tabitha Brown’s Vegan Food Line at Target? We’ve Got Good News

Tabitha Brown’s rise to the top

Brown first went vegan in 2018 as a way to help alleviate debilitating health issues. While working as an Uber driver, Brown took a break to share a video of her eating a vegan TTLA sandwich in her car which quickly went viral.

Soon after, Brown began building a social media following with engaging vegan cooking videos, product review shows alongside her daughter Choyce, and romantic discussions with her husband Chance—all made irresistible by her charm, humor, and wisdom.

Since then, Brown has continued to elevate her career to new heights, with cookbooks, haircare lines, brand partnerships, and more. Her collaborations with Target, Brown shared last year, gave her a platform to express herself in an authentic way—which the Eden, NC native always encourages her fans to do.

“As a small-town girl, I grew up with big dreams and now, those dreams have become a reality,” Brown said in a statement when she initially announced her collaboration with Target last year.

“Target made me feel seen and created a safe space where I could be my authentic self,” Brown said. “To me, joy comes from freedom, and I was free to be myself during this entire design process, which is reflected in the assortment.”

“I hope my collections bring Target guests joy, love, and optimism to their everyday lives,” Brown added.

Last month, Brown added another accomplishment to her collection when she received an honorary doctorate from the Savannah College of Art and Design. This was momentous for Brown, who dropped out of fashion school in 1997 to pursue acting.

In 2023, not only does Brown have her name on everything from food to fashion, the mother of two is also a successful actress, having appeared on popular series The Chi, Food Network’s first vegan show It’s CompliPlated, and her own children’s YouTube channel Tab Time—which released its second season earlier this year.